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The Fallen Will Rise

The Fallen Will Rise Difficult times may knock us down. Rocky unstable paths may cause us to fall. Acknowledge the lesson, accept, release then, rise.Believing you are a blessed and powerful soul.You can rise up from this and rise, you will. Karen E Martinez https://anchor.fm/ks-thoughts/episodes/The-Fallen-Will-Rise-e1kg5u7

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Just in time Recommended Read.

Looking for inspiration? A way to heal from traumatic events and emotions or even artistic expression? I'm 1% through this book and think you might like it - "Just in Time" by Verliza Gajeles. Start reading it for free: https://a.co/25bntZg

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Musical Connections and My Family

I like to believe that we are all spiritually connected through love, music and family. Anyone who has heard the song "If I could" by Regina Belle, resonated with the meaning of the lyrics as I recently have, must be a parent or guardian who truly loves and wants to protect their children, Even as… Continue reading Musical Connections and My Family

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Love Forever

My Dear Loving HusbandIf ever two were one, then surely it is we. If ever man were truly loved by his wife, it is thee;If ever wife was gleeful in love with man, tis II adore thy love more than whole mines of gold, Or all the riches that one doth hold. Our love is… Continue reading Love Forever

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Circle of Life

Circle of life ... DEATH of a life whether it be of old age or by tragic accident of any age. END of an addiction, a relationship, way of thinking or living, of doubting oneself, of misery. BEGINNING of healing from A DEATH an END. BIRTH of a child, an idea Enjoy this circle of… Continue reading Circle of Life