Autism spectrum disorder and other lifelong disorders

There is information and resources I wish I knew about years ago when I was confused and lost about what Autism was. Luckily there has been more studies conducted leading to an increasing amount of information on the internet and in books. My knowledge mainly comes from real life experiences, being childhood friends with the father of Jeremy (in the photo) along with a few other individuals who are parents or caregivers of children diagnosed with the same or similar disabilities.
Living life with a specific disorder not only life affects day to day living for the family. Let us think about how the actual human being living with it.

As the list of specific disorders is never ending. I’ll focus more on the Autism spectrum and touch on a few other disorders. Self educating myself on asperger’s syndrome for about 15 years now I still have much to learn. This is a given for us parents and educators who have one or more extraordinary individuals in our lives, either our own children, students even friends. I quote “we still have much to learn” due to the fact that we all grow from infants to children, young adolescents, adulthood and eventually Elderly or senior citizens. In all actuality we never stop learning about ourselves and others.No matter where they are on the autistic spectrum there are stages of life. It’s best to continue increasing our knowledge and assist as they grow in and out of these stages.

According to:

Autism spectrum disorders include social, communication, and behavioral challenges. These problems can be mild, severe, or somewhere in between. The types of autism are:

  • Autistic disorder
  • Asperger’s syndrome disorder
  • Pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

Symptoms include:

  • Psychological disorders
  • Sensory or sensory processing issues
  • Reading early or high intelligence
  • Narrowed interests

Before I ever heard of the Autistic spectrum disorder I only knew of a few disorders or what was considered an illness.

There was Down syndrome in which I have very little experience with this particular illness. What knew growing up was it was due to a genetic disorder. These individuals were similar in distinct facial features and have difficulties with their speech.

Mental retardation (MR) by the way Which was really troublesome for me to hear or say as a child. I felt it was insulting and just morally wrong in some way. I know now it’s pretty much caused by how I heard others use the term. Usually said as a “put down” used as loosely as the word stupid.

Another disorder I was aware of but knew very little about is Cerebral palsy. When reading on this I realized that it is similar to the autism spectrum. There is information about the co-occurrence with cerebral palsy and autism.

My thoughts on these various disorders is we should all educate ourselves and others on how to understand the importance of knowing what the symptoms, what type of diagnosis and how to help the one diagnosed. Second opinions are important when diagnosing someone with a lifelong disability. Most of all as parents do not blame yourself, do not put down you’re being a parent or even question your worth as a parent. If you stumbled across this blog or any other article searching for answers or help, let this be confirmation that you are worthy and meant to be a parent you’re the perfect parent for this perfect being. We live and learn. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy and his dad

I know I am….

I know I am unique

I am imperfectly human

I am autistic

I have dreams of normalcy even though I am normal

I don’t articulate my thoughts as fast as I think them

If my strange complexity is bothersome to others, imagine living each day as I do

I’m intelligent enough to understand the most complex situations though I don’t understand the humor of a joke

At times my unfiltered truth is thought of as inconsiderate sarcasm

When I’m happy my expression is angry

I’m lonely but I’m comfortable in my solitude

I pay attention when you think I’m ignoring you

I know I’m unique in my own way

I am human like you and you’re imperfections


Autism awareness

Have faith and it will all work out in time…

Autism is not a disease or illness…..

Diagnosed with Aspergers Living with depression and anxiety..

What goes through the minds of intelligent souls that have been diagnosed with aspergers ? Having a child now adult I have seen it up close and personal. I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of day to day living. The comfort zone, not wanting to go anywhere. To learning how to have patience when waiting for a response. Guiding and encouraging to the best of my ability. With my personal  knowledge and experience this is what I imagine happening in the mind of some individuals within the Aspergers form of autism.

Having purpose a reason to exist,  not being alone, experience all what this life has to offer.  Are you meant to be here? Why all the struggles? Can I really be the voice for others and how if I can’t even get myself to speak? Thousands of thoughts, questions and incredible knowledge.  Why can I not say anything aloud? I’ve said it in my mind more than once yet no words not even a sound just a nod. I’m not disregarding the opinion of others. Not even wanting them to walk away. Stay and share your wisdom with me and I will.. I want to share mine with you. Patiently wait for my voice to catch up with my thoughts. You may be amazed at how much I have to say. Another conversation lost, another potential friend gone. I’m not sure if I have any reason for being here. Being alone in my solitude in my mind. My comfort zone.  It’s ok I’m good here I’ll try harder next time. She said have faith. It’s all going to work out in time.

CONVERSATION: Hi and hello,  how are you? (My Thoughts)Well do you have time? Because I have a great deal to say. My life is not as I would like.  I long for acceptance and honest souls to talk to. I like that car you’re driving. I could tell you all I know about it. Year make model when it was first introduced and all the features that make it interesting to me. (Out loud) I’m good thank you. Bye, see ya.

Struggling to stay positive.  Trying to have faith like she said. How? Why do I have to live with this? Why can I not be sociable? I’m feeling depressed again. Anxiety when I have to speak.  What if I speak and it still doesn’t matter. God are you there are you even real? Help me. Guide me and bring peace into my heart. Put those who will understand in my life.

CONVERSATION: Hi and hello,  how are you doing today? (My Thoughts) I can do this I have faith, here it goes. (Out loud) I’m good thank you how about you? (Minutes later of listening to their response) I’m sorry to hear that. No I don’t mind anytime you’d like to talk call me, I know things will get better soon, have faith it will all work out in time…..

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