Autism spectrum disorder and other lifelong disorders

There is information and resources I wish I knew about years ago when I was confused and lost about what Autism was. Luckily there has been more studies conducted leading to an increasing amount of information on the internet and in books. My knowledge mainly comes from real life experiences, being childhood friends with theContinue reading “Autism spectrum disorder and other lifelong disorders”

I know I am….

I know I am unique I am imperfectly human I am autistic I have dreams of normalcy even though I am normal I don’t articulate my thoughts as fast as I think them If my strange complexity is bothersome to others, imagine living each day as I do I’m intelligent enough to understand the mostContinue reading “I know I am….”

Have faith and it will all work out in time…

Diagnosed with Aspergers Living with depression and anxiety.. What goes through the minds of intelligent souls that have been diagnosed with aspergers ? Having a child now adult I have seen it up close and personal. I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of day to day living. The comfort zone, not wanting to go anywhere.Continue reading “Have faith and it will all work out in time…”