Secrets Forgiven

Are they really looking out for my best interest? Have they ever? Experiencing loss of innocence, of love, trust, compassion and acceptance. Teaching me the ways of the world was to keep secrets and not to trust others.

Forgive and be forgiven. To forgive from my heart by prayer and meditation most of all faith. Faith, my reason for not having taken that last step to end it all. End it all, what an ironic phrase. 

Contemplating taking the leap of death. With no one watching, no one encouraging to take the step forward to my demise much less a step back to live. Or was there someone there all along? A guardian, in the form of calico cats. My spirit animal, my power animal helping guide and give me the power of strength, intuition and of survival. As you jump to and from physical to spiritual realm you come to me in the time of need making your presence known. Showing me that even when I fall, I will land on my feet, to gracefully leap up again. Embracing the life I was destined to live, releasing the life given to live.

No longer will I follow the rules given to fail, to live life with no voice or reason. Awaken my intuition, giving me insight I originally had only to be covered up, covered by mankind’s expectations and secrets. “God forgive them for they know not what they do”. Or do they?

Karen E Martinez

ANGEL’S, being seen and heard by young children and the departing

numerous books and articles have been published on the topic of angels being seen or heard. Do angels exist at all? In most conversations the subject of infants to toddlers and those who are in their final stages of life show signs or have verbally confirmed that that see angels.
As a young girl approximately 3 years old. I was seen conversating with who described as my late grandfather who had recently passed. I no memory of this time. At 4 or 5 years old I vaguely remember thinking I saw him outside our living room window. After this I’ve yet to see the spirit of my grandfather while awake. During the span of my life so far I’ve witnessed a few experiences that some may consider as miracles or Divine healing. Sceptics will continue to look for a logical explanations.
Its mentions a verse from the bible : Jesus taught that angels are always present with children (Matthew 18:10). Most of the time angels are unseen and children are unaware of their ministry. While many children do share that an angel has been with them, the majority of children do not. It is interesting to note that children who do have angel experiences think it is normal to have one, and they take it for granted that it happens to every child. 

The verse in Matthew 18:10 (KJV) Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

Those who are Ill and in their final stages of life are also known to have experienced seeing and hearing angels or the spirits of passed loved ones.
I having witnessed this a few times in my life. It’s all so amazing and heartbreaking. It’s left me with such curiosity as to what does it feel like when witnessing these spiritual beings of light. Is it as peaceful as described? Is really possible to connect with those who we’ve missed for so long. I’d like to believe so

Harris writes that she has seen many patients grow confident after experiencing deathbed visions of angels: “… they take that final step into the eternity that God has promised them since the beginning of time, totally unafraid and at peace.”
Patients often die soon after they see angels on their deathbeds, Guiley writes in The Encyclopedia of Angels, summarizing the results of several large research studies on such visions: “The visions usually appear just minutes before death: Approximately 76 percent of the patients studied died within 10 minutes of their vision, and nearly all of the rest died within one or several hours.”
In 2016 a survey conducted showed that 89% of Americans believe in angels. The other 11% are nonbelievers.
Hopler, Whitney.”Deathbed Visions of Angels.” Learn Religions, Apr. 17, 2019,

I believe it is possible there angels being seen and heard by young children and by the departing. I believe in angels guiding us through our spiritual and physical journey. I see it as a positive when someone takes comfort in believing in angels resulting in living a more successful and peaceful life. I feel its possible they are communicating with us as children to assist in the transition from spirit to human form. And as we are departing from our human form our angels are there to welcome us back from our souls journey. Until our next ascension…?

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