The Ideas

Not knowing when what or how. So many goals. So many ideas. So many life stories about any thing and everything. From childhood why & why not, Teenage yes I can & yes I am to adult I wish I did & I wish didn’t. I have yet to experience the I have seniority & I have to rush for no one of this life’s journey. I do however have many thoughts, memories of those around me that have shared their life stories with me. Being able to tell their tale is my humble pleasure.

The idea of how many people can benefit from what I can share. How to share it how I not only help others but myself my family in more ways than one. I have notes with dates, names & Places. Some on napkins or in a book. How to start ? Who can I talk to? Is it actually possible to earn income from this?

I was encouraged by others to just dive in don’t over think it. And given resources to understand blogging and the benefits it has. Being able to comfortably care for my family while continuing contribute to our finances. So I am beginning this journey with positive energy and positive thoughts.