I know I am….

I know I am unique I am imperfectly human I am autistic I have dreams of normalcy even though I am normal I don’t articulate my thoughts as fast as I think them If my strange complexity is bothersome to others, imagine living each day as I do I’m intelligent enough to understand the mostContinue reading “I know I am….”

Bond between two cousins

Cousins, friends and survivors Being what is called “second cousins” we have been the closest of cousins ever since we were babies. Our parents also having a strong bond growing up in Hispanic culture family is important. As grown married adults the family is encouraged to stay close by the elders. However, this isn’t alwaysContinue reading “Bond between two cousins”

Veganism or Torturism??

My daughter’s decided to get on a healthier way of eating, living or is it torturism.I decided to do a little research myself on veganism. What I found was1. After having thrown up from eating unhealthy junk food. Example: ravioli in a can, takis (spicy chips), greasy burgers and cheesy pizzaMy 12 year old decidedContinue reading “Veganism or Torturism??”

Have faith and it will all work out in time…

Diagnosed with Aspergers Living with depression and anxiety.. What goes through the minds of intelligent souls that have been diagnosed with aspergers ? Having a child now adult I have seen it up close and personal. I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of day to day living. The comfort zone, not wanting to go anywhere.Continue reading “Have faith and it will all work out in time…”

Thoughts on article of being raised by a toxic mother

  I’ve seen this article once before, but did not read it. The second time It came across on my Facebook feed being that I follow the page of higher prospectives. In my mind as I skipped over it once before I admitted that I was not wanting to read about myself. The second timeContinue reading “Thoughts on article of being raised by a toxic mother”

ANGEL’S, being seen and heard by young children and the departing

numerous books and articles have been published on the topic of angels being seen or heard. Do angels exist at all? In most conversations the subject of infants to toddlers and those who are in their final stages of life show signs or have verbally confirmed that that see angels.As a young girl approximately 3Continue reading “ANGEL’S, being seen and heard by young children and the departing”

Parenting… What is it?

“Babies don’t come with instructions” (author unknown) take parenting classes is what most will suggest. Others will say just wing it. And there are those that say all I need to do is feed them, clothe them and make sure they dont hurt or kill themselves, their only my responsibility until they are 18 yearsContinue reading “Parenting… What is it?”