Original photo taken of a young girl walking across a bridge alone. Edited using picsart app. A bright white light is shining on the young girl. Implying she is not alone. She is walking by faith not by sight.
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The Ideas…Beginning the Journey

Not knowing when what or how. So many unspoken goals. So many ideas. So many life stories about anything and everything. These are my thoughts on my transitions though this life's journey. we begin from childhood "why & why nots" to Trying Teenager "oh, yes I can & yes I will", Then becoming the conflicted… Continue reading The Ideas…Beginning the Journey

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All Soul’s Day

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 KJV Everyday can be a day of prayer and remembering our loved ones that are no longer with us physically. National all souls day is a day when those who practice a specific religion… Continue reading All Soul’s Day

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The Fallen Will Rise

The Fallen Will Rise Difficult times may knock us down. Rocky unstable paths may cause us to fall. Acknowledge the lesson, accept, release then, rise.Believing you are a blessed and powerful soul.You can rise up from this and rise, you will. Karen E Martinez https://anchor.fm/ks-thoughts/episodes/The-Fallen-Will-Rise-e1kg5u7

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Secrets Forgiven

Are they really looking out for my best interest? Have they ever? Experiencing loss of innocence, of love, trust, compassion and acceptance. Teaching me the ways of the world was to keep secrets and not to trust others. Forgive and be forgiven. To forgive from my heart by prayer and meditation most of all faith.… Continue reading Secrets Forgiven

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Healing with my Biological Father

Life is different for every one. Although we may not all have been raised by two parents we all have a biological mother and father. I do not know who can benefit from this specific blog. If there is even one person or family, this can help to encourage positive change or forgiveness. I am… Continue reading Healing with my Biological Father

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Mary “Lisa” Elizabeth

I want to start off by saying Thank you all for taking time to read this. I pray for this eulogy to be helpful in a way of understanding and acceptance.  This may be a form to pay your last respect or for closure, so long as you are here with good intentions and genuine… Continue reading Mary “Lisa” Elizabeth

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Mama’s Anniversary, March 17th

Our last Easter Sunday Today officially marks 8 years that she was taken home. Truth is it doesn't matter how many years, months, weeks, hours, minutes or even seconds it has been. The fact is that she no longer physically here. As another year passes by with next right behind I continue to live each… Continue reading Mama’s Anniversary, March 17th