Original photo taken of a young girl walking across a bridge alone. Edited using picsart app. A bright white light is shining on the young girl. Implying she is not alone. She is walking by faith not by sight.
K's Thoughts, Spiritual Journey

The Ideas…Beginning the Journey

Not knowing when what or how. So many unspoken goals. So many ideas. So many life stories about anything and everything. These are my thoughts on my transitions though this life’s journey. we begin from childhood “why & why nots” to Trying Teenager “oh, yes I can & yes I will”, Then becoming the conflicted adult “what I wish I did & I wish didn’t”. Current transition, Midlife Madness why didn’t realize that before?” & “I’m up, Let’s do this another way.

I have yet to experience the Seasoned Senior “I had all I need this whole time, please forgive me” & I rush for no one”. I do however have many thoughts, memories of those around me that have shared their life stories with me. Many are of those who trusted me to be apart of their end of life care, Being able to help keep these beautiful soul’s legacy alive by sharing with others is my humble pleasure.

The idea of how many people can benefit from what I can share. How to share it how I not only help others but myself my family in more ways than one. I have notes with dates, names & Places. Some on napkins or in a book. How to start ? Who can I talk to? from this?

Being encouraged by those who insist that I follow my life’s calling. I struggled to just dive in not to overthink it. While following what I was drawn to for several years now I have earned certifications in a few areas of my life long interests and passions, my spiritual connection to Divine Spirit. Becoming an ordained officiant in 2016, I was sent a flyer to apply for an online course Dream Interpretation Teacher completed in 2018. A year after I received my Notary signing agent (Online Notary) Commission. Throughout the past couple of years I came across resources on blogging, understanding the benefits sharing blogs. So I am beginning this journey with positive energy and positive thoughts.

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