Mama’s Anniversary, March 17th

Our last Easter Sunday

Today officially marks 8 years that she was taken home. Truth is it doesn’t matter how many years, months, weeks, hours, minutes or even seconds it has been. The fact is that she no longer physically here. As another year passes by with next right behind I continue to live each day appreciating all of life’s precious blessings. My connection with all that is. My spiritual calling with Divine Spirit/God, Photographs and fragrances keep vivid images of our life together.
Music, oh how I love music, I can feel the rhythm of all life’s emotions. The beats of every heartbeat, each breath taken.
It’s amazing to me that most of us do not think about how certain events or a typical day around the house would be so meaningful and memorable for us throughout the years. Hearing this was one of those times.
While driving today I heard a song. One I’ve heard her sing many times. An overwhelming rush of the chills flowed from head to toe. Tears filled my eyes and as my attempt to keep smiling failed, the corners of my mouth twitched as my grin turn into a frown.
Singing along out loud was no longer possible for that brief moment. Instead I paid attention to the lyrics. To my surprise there it was, there she was.
“Mama” sweet beautiful Mama always had a way of getting through to me is what ran through my mind while listening to this verse.

( Together, by Tierra )

Author: ksthoughts19

Dreamworker, encouraging & guiding others as they heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Since childhood I have had a strong interest in writing. I have incorporated dreamwork and journaling as part of my own spiritual and emotional healing. Being able to resonate with others who have similar experiences lead me to share my experiences and thoughts with the intentions of encouragement and support for those guided to this site. Love blessings and protection to all.

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