K's Thoughts

Prayer & Positive Energy for Healing of the World

Now more than ever is the time to spread Love and Encouragement. No matter what religion we come from even if we don’t have a specific religion we practice.

If you are not comfortable with prayer I’d suggest going into meditation, put our intentions out into the universe. Sending positive energy, healing and protection for not just ourselves and our family but for the world.

Just a few positive affirmations.

Those who use prayer as a way to connect to Divine Spirit/God our daily and nightly prayers are always heard. Give thanks for answered prayers for they are already heard and answered. Below is a powerful prayer from youtube

THE CHAPLET OF DIVINE MERCY                                  https://youtu.be/Y48L-yEOPlY

If anyone would like to join in prayer or sending out positive healing energy and affirmations from your location. For the next two weeks anytime between the hours of 9pm – 11pm set the intention to connect with all souls praying and putting out positive healing energy over the world.
We are strong and powerful souls who are capable of so much good.
Let’s stand together and help one another.

If inspired please feel free to like and share. I’d like to hear from anyone that would like to share specific prayers or affirmations regarding the current global crisis.

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