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Dreaming, cultural beliefs and messages

There have  been vast studies going back centuries about dreaming and meanings of our dreams. During a Dream interpretation course one of many fascinating articles I read was “Cultural beliefs of Dreaming” MmpRN25RVnNyM05vNUt3/view?usp=drivesdk

Cultural Aspects of Dreaming in the earlier eras is in some acpects similar to the modern cultural aspects of dreaming many choose to believe today. For me before technology and research was created and enhanced through the years collecting all sorts of information from all areas of the world, the cultural beliefs from the early ages were pretty straight forward almost “black and white”. You either believe or you don’t believe that there is a meaning hidden within our dreams. Some remember their dreams and some are unable to remember.

With in my own culture dreams were a result of what was in our mind from the day before. Confusion in my own early days 1980’s through the 1990’s was that dreams had a superstition behind details of a dream not so much actual meanings. There are beliefs in today’s indigious cultures around the world that in manys ways combined beliefs of dreams and their meaning.

Nightmares, bad dreams that left you feeling anxious and scared to even close your eyes and go back to sleep. Waking up crying because you dreamt something about someone that you love has died is considered a nightmare the superstition in that is the person who died in your dream is going to live longer now “you gave them more years” I resonated with this particular belief that is referenced in the article under Interpretations of dreams as predictions of the future.”In Corsica and in Portugal, to dream of someone’s death gives that person longer life. To explain disturbing dreams as “really” something quite different may be assuring”. In my understanding of this indeed was a bit reassuring for me as I had dreams of my mother passing away. As a young girl it was still very uncomfortable to have in my mind even after I was told the meaning and reason behind it. As the years went by and after having more than one bad dream of the death of my mother I chose to believe that I was continuing to give her a longer life.  Although it had been many years since I had such a dream, my mother has passed on. My thoughts on this are if this belief was true she would still be with us today. Which takes me to question the possibility that i was foreseeing the loss of my mother that I would physically witness as she suffered a massive heart attack. As mentioned in the same section, “In many cultures, dreams are held to provide knowledge of the future”. Understanding that the reality is that every living being will perish, physically/ The circle of life is inevitable, still I questioned my having the ability to receive messages of the future.   

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