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Secrets Forgiven

Are they really looking out for my best interest? Have they ever? Experiencing loss of innocence, of love, trust, compassion and acceptance. Teaching me the ways of the world was to keep secrets and not to trust others.

Forgive and be forgiven. To forgive from my heart by prayer and meditation most of all faith. Faith, my reason for not having taken that last step to end it all. End it all, what an ironic phrase. 

Contemplating taking the leap of death. With no one watching, no one encouraging to take the step forward to my demise much less a step back to live. Or was there someone there all along? A guardian, in the form of calico cats. My spirit animal, my power animal helping guide and give me the power of strength, intuition and of survival. As you jump to and from physical to spiritual realm you come to me in the time of need making your presence known. Showing me that even when I fall, I will land on my feet, to gracefully leap up again. Embracing the life I was destined to live, releasing the life given to live.

No longer will I follow the rules given to fail, to live life with no voice or reason. Awaken my intuition, giving me insight I originally had only to be covered up, covered by mankind’s expectations and secrets. “God forgive them for they know not what they do”. Or do they?

Karen E Martinez

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