I know I am….

I know I am unique

I am imperfectly human

I am autistic

I have dreams of normalcy even though I am normal

I don’t articulate my thoughts as fast as I think them

If my strange complexity is bothersome to others, imagine living each day as I do

I’m intelligent enough to understand the most complex situations though I don’t understand the humor of a joke

At times my unfiltered truth is thought of as inconsiderate sarcasm

When I’m happy my expression is angry

I’m lonely but I’m comfortable in my solitude

I pay attention when you think I’m ignoring you

I know I’m unique in my own way

I am human like you and you’re imperfections


Autism awareness

Author: ksthoughts19

Dreamworker, encouraging & guiding others as they heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Since childhood I have had a strong interest in writing. I have incorporated dreamwork and journaling as part of my own spiritual and emotional healing. Being able to resonate with others who have similar experiences lead me to share my experiences and thoughts with the intentions of encouragement and support for those guided to this site. Love blessings and protection to all.

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