Veganism or Torturism??

My daughter’s decided to get on a healthier way of eating, living or is it torturism.
I decided to do a little research myself on veganism. What I found was
1. After having thrown up from eating unhealthy junk food. Example: ravioli in a can, takis (spicy chips), greasy burgers and cheesy pizza
My 12 year old decided to bring up the idea of becoming vegan to her 20 year old sister. As they both agreed to leaving the Meats and dairy behind. Who knows what thoughts were going through their minds. Nonetheless both young ladies were encouraged and determined to start this together.
Before actually agreeing to veganism they did some research on what a vegan eats and does not eat.
Living with others who are not planning on jumping on the vegetarian train, is going to be a challenge. Three days into the world of veganism they mentioned that they agreed to having two “cheat” days out of the week. It so happened to be a cheat day due to being tempted by pepperoni and cheese pizza that the others were having for dinner that evening. The next day my 20 year old mentioned that she had an upset stomach that evening,
My twelve year old was tempted to having a old fashion donut. But decided against it after being reminded what ingredients were used in making them.
They instead ate white rice with vegetables. Adding chocolate syrup in their almond milk was a helpful ingredient for them. Watching their facial expressions as tasting there vegan rice and drinks is a funny almost hurtful to witness. I asked how lunch was. Both in a non convincing tone said “it is good”,,, as they tried the almond milk with you chocolate syrup was hilarious. Knowing they were being watched their reactions were “taste pretty good” and under her breath as to let m hear was “taste like play dough”, “shh” said the other. I laughed at the responses. And both mentioned as they told me it’s only been few days and they will get use to it.
I curious to see how this turns out.

Author: ksthoughts19

Dreamworker, encouraging & guiding others as they heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Since childhood I have had a strong interest in writing. I have incorporated dreamwork and journaling as part of my own spiritual and emotional healing. Being able to resonate with others who have similar experiences lead me to share my experiences and thoughts with the intentions of encouragement and support for those guided to this site. Love blessings and protection to all.

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