Thoughts on article of being raised by a toxic mother

  I’ve seen this article once before, but did not read it. The second time It came across on my Facebook feed being that I follow the page of higher prospectives.

In my mind as I skipped over it once before I admitted that I was not wanting to read about myself. The second time I was curious about what signs were indications of being raised by a toxic mother. So I read it. I immediately found myself judging in a negative way, having a rebuttal for each sign suggested. Why? Because I felt I was being called out on my way I raised my children. Even on how I was raised.

Outbursts of “oh this is so stupid”,”really?”

Justifying or saying that I didn’t agree with specific indications listed. It mentioned negative feelings when one thought of their mother.

Feelings such as fear, rejection, anxiety etc..

My own experiences as a child and that of mine as a parent resonate with those feelings. My thoughts of FEAR, was our children can possibly  grow into adulthood with no respect for anyone that are not disciplined and don’t think about the consequences of their actions (of course after being spoken to about why and not to do something that is not nice, not safe and not be disrespectful).

REJECTION is not an easy on to take in. As mentioned in the article not giving affection like hugs because the parent is displeased with the child. As an experienced mother and adult I am guilty of this and I can say it was done to me as a child. As sad as it is I have no justifiable reason for this. At the time I can say that my thinking was that of a child myself or I was acting as was done to me. “You just don’t want to be spanked or get in trouble, that’s why you want to hug me” that’s what I remember.

ANXIETY,  that’s an emotion that can be developed by children that “can never do anything right” no matter what is attempted in a good or hopeful manner, it usually gets put down. My not knowing the effect this had on me was thinking its a way parenting.

As we grow into adults and become Mother’s we can choose to continue the same style of parenting or to explore other methods in areas that just don’t sit well with us.

This is only one of six signs that you were raised by a toxic mother according to higher perspective.

I appreciate that it was published it does have valid points and opinions about raising children and being raised a different way than others. I believe it can help young and future mother’s and children in their parenting methods. For older or experienced mothers this can help identify the decisions made and acknowledge them with their children and start the healing process if needed.

Either raised or raising children it’s never too late to be a better mother. Afterall a Mother’s next title is granMOTHER.                                                                         

Author: ksthoughts19

Dreamworker, encouraging & guiding others as they heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Since childhood I have had a strong interest in writing. I have incorporated dreamwork and journaling as part of my own spiritual and emotional healing. Being able to resonate with others who have similar experiences lead me to share my experiences and thoughts with the intentions of encouragement and support for those guided to this site. Love blessings and protection to all.

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